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From The Brightest Minds on Madison Avenue

As an offshoot of a leading NYC ad agency, The Levinson Tractenberg Group, Market Movers has the expertise and resources to grow your firm's caseload. We provide you with the licensing rights to highly-acclaimed, turnkey advertising campaigns. Our fresh, non-traditional creative executions have led to tremendous success in the legal marketplace.

Proven Results
Too many law firm commercials look and sound the same. In an increasingly crowded competitive environment, it is more important than ever to deliver ads that are both powerful and unique. Market Mover's ads have a proven track record in the nation's largest market — increasing call volume by 25% in the NYC market within 6 months of campaign launch. For a limited time, we are offering exclusive rights to these high-impact campaigns with complete exclusivity within your market.


Elevate Your Image — And Increase Your Case Load
You care deeply about your clients and fight hard to get them the compensation they deserve. Our campaigns lead with the emotion and dignity that drives your work, leaving the flashing of dollar signs and grandiose promises to the other guys. Your law firm is a brand, and we work hard to help you build it the right way.

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