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PI Law Firm Commercials Mostly Stink

Stating the obvious here, but boy are PI law firm commercials awful. I mean, across the board horrible. At the top of the “food chain” you’ve got big fat bloated non-lawyer celebrities (yeah, I’m talking about you Shatner) shilling for firms in cheesy, over-the-top productions. At the other end of the spectrum are poorly lit, station-produced spots featuring lawyers speaking stiffly in front of a wall of legal books – well-intentioned for sure, but not exactly designed to break through the clutter of today’s crowded media environment.

We saw room for massive improvement – and so did our NYC-based client, Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman – and we’ve delivered advertising that breaks the mold…and has gotten the phone ringing off the hook right here in the biggest and toughest media market in the country.

Not only have Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman’s potential clients take notice of these spots (and billboards and transit posters), but so has the media. The NY Times wrote a feature article touting our novel approach to personal injury law firm advertising…and so did the ABA Journal and many other marketing and legal pundits.

This Week in Terrible Personal Injury Commercials:

Check out the campaigns on our website,

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