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6 Questions Every Law Firm Needs to Ask Before Launching a Marketing Campaign

1) Does your advertising tell people what is unique and special about your firm?

Some call it an “elevator pitch”, some call it a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). It is your ten-second (or less!) explanation of why clients should hire your law firm. Is it the results you have gotten for other clients? Is it your warm personal staff? Is it an area of deep specialty? Before defining yourself, survey the competitive landscape and make sure you carve out a position that has not already been taken or you will seem like a “me-too” brand. And make sure you pick just one strength to focus on. Complicated marketing messages are not absorbed or remembered well.

2) If your advertising were a person, would you want to have a beer with it?

This might seem like a silly question, but it is the essence of brand marketing. A brand is a company’s version of a personality. If your firm’s brand comes off as too pushy, smug or desperate for business you are far less likely to see engagement from potential clients.

3) Is you advertising memorable?

People don’t get injured very often. In all likelihood, they are not injured when they are viewing you marketing campaign. The idea with branded law firm advertising is not just to get people to call now, but to implant the idea of your brand in a memorable way so that they: a) have a positive association with your firm and b) remember your firm if they do get injured in the future. Bold, innovative approaches that are differentiated from what competing firms are doing will help you on all fronts.

4) Is your message consistent across all media?

This is closely related to #1, and #2 for that matter. Make sure you are putting your firm’s best foot forward, and make sure it is consistent across all contact points with your audience. Your message, tone and personality should remain the same whether you are engaging people online, in a billboard or on TV or radio.

5) Does your advertising look like everyone else’s?

Gone are the days when simply throwing up a billboard or TV commercial with a picture of the key partners, firm name and a phone number is enough to get the phones ringing. Ditto for splashing big dollar signs and promising big settlements. Those old formulas no longer resonate with a public that is tired of seeing those clichéd approaches.

6) Does you advertising look like it was inexpensive to produce?

This question is often overlooked. Of course, no one wants to spend too much on their marketing, and ad budgets are the easiest line item to cut in order to improve cash flow. However, be sure you are not selling your firm short. If an ad looks cheaply produced it will signal to the public that your firm cuts corners and does shoddy work. If you care enough about building your firm’s practice to advertise, make sure the production values meet your high standards.

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